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What's Your Price
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WhatsYourPrice.com is a sugar dating site that pays women to go on a date. Its platform has more women than men, which makes it harder for a Sugar Baby to find a rich Sugar Daddy, but is supposedly easier for a Sugar Daddy to find a suitable Sugar Baby. Unlike many sugar dating sites, WhatsYourPrice has options for people to search for each other for casual dating, friendship, or long-term dating without the SD/SB mutually beneficial arrangement, so not every man’s profile on this site is expecting to have to be a rich man or is prepared to take care of a Sugar Baby.


What's Your price seems to be free for women and has a range of different features. Here are some of the sites that have made the site popular:

  • Posting dating ads- one of the biggest things that sets your price apart from other online candy dating services is that it allows "sugar babies" to advertise. You can add your location and other details to help you find the right sugar daddy to help you get the perfect date. The concept of advertising is different, it allows me to find people who are willing to go out with me. I can also post all kinds of advertisements and explain my own standards. Through these different advertisements, I can find different "sugar daddies" who are interested in me, and I can choose the person who best meets my own "sugar daddies" dating criteria.
  • Check out important details -- when I choose to create my profile on the sugar dating service, I like to check who has checked my profile and who likes my profile the most. Search becomes easier when one can see who is already interested, but may be too shy to make the first contact. Or maybe it's a sugar daddy who hasn't decided whether to pay for his membership, so the first touch is enough to make him decide that it's worth paying in response to sugar baby's pleas.
  • Paying for the date – WhatsYourPrice.com is a novel sugar dating site wherein a Sugar Daddy, pays for all the dates up front. It's a different kind of idea, and not all sugar daddies like it because they have to pay for dates. The minimum price for a date is $5. You can list all kinds of offers. Bids are made on credit, and the date is less than $50. It only takes 10 credits to open it. Then you can bid on my cost and explain the details appropriately.
  • Membership Fees

    Though there is no premium membership stated on the site, you still need Credits to unlock messaging with other members and bid to win your dates. To purchase Credits, you have to pay one of the following packages:

    100 credits -- $50 -- 2 credits per $1

    450 credits -- $150 -- 3 credits per $1

    1000 credits -- $250 -- 4 credits per $1


    WhatsYourPrice.com is a dating service that comes with a clean and simple design, but it seems a little too simple. Not enough options for filtering, not enough active members, too long to set up, and not enough to explain how the process should work. Although the company says in its AD that it wants to set a date amount for a sugar baby, it seems like a generic dating site that has thrown in a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby option as an afterthought and is not focused on actually facilitating a mutually beneficial arrangement between a young woman and an older, rich man.